Attentive, intuitive and sensitive, I can bring – through my perception of a place and its inhabitants – a new dynamic both inside and outside.


These dynamics are largely influenced by my travels, colors, music and – most certainly - nature.
They can take the form of a painting, a patina, a lamp and other objects that I like to work on, transform and sublimate.


Beyond interior decorating, I suggest a different outlook that will often reveal unexpected alchimies and be polychrome.


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The coach's eye: the person and his habitat!

Published at 08/05/2020

I am particularly touched to accompany Emmanuelle for the release of her site, and to make the very precious link between the person and her "habitat", revealing her deep identity, her sensitivity and her intimacy.

A place of life is in the image of the person, it is the reflection of his soul, a resonance with multiple influences guided by the personality, the socio-cultural and the family heritage.