The coach's eye: the person and his habitat!

I am particularly touched to accompany Emmanuelle for the release of her site, and to make the very precious link between the person and her "habitat", revealing her deep identity, her sensitivity and her intimacy.

A place of life is in the image of the person, it is the reflection of his soul, a resonance with multiple influences guided by the personality, the socio-cultural and the family heritage.

I know Emmanuelle's expert gaze for her sense of observation and listening, her ability to reveal inner beauty, her creative sense combined with thoroughness and commitment, to which I add my lighting in these lines on the human personality, through my job as a life coach.

Each person is complex, different, unique and has their own identity, based on values, very specific needs, beliefs, motivators or blockages to find meaning in their life, their way of life, its place of life… its habitat, the symbol of its interiority! Access to one's own deep identity, to self-knowledge is the fruit of true research and inner observation, more or less easy to name, to express, to define according to the degree of self-awareness.

The Enneagram tool, with which I accompany to get to know myself better, makes it possible to set benchmarks on his way of thinking, acting and feeling in order to reveal the depth of his personality, to become Self and dare To be oneself -even.



  • What kind of living space looks like you, respects you, makes you feel good at home and with others?
  • What are your motivations, your centers of attention, your criteria for choosing the comfort of your home?
  • What is your life plan in your home?
  • What is important to you, which gives meaning to your life, to your place of life?
  • What are your tastes, your desires, what is your sensitivity?
  • What impediments, filters or blockages can interfere with your freedom of expression and decision to restore your interior?
  • What restoration project for your home will make you happy and respect you in an accessible, achievable and ecological way?


Here are some examples of criteria and centers of attention (values and needs), listed according to the different personality profiles described by the Enneagram tool:


Attention is focused on mistakes and improvement, with a high sense of requirement. This profile will turn its choices towards the timeless, the timeless, the functional. He will be concerned with the quality of storage, order, lighting, in a warm, clean and neat style.


Attention is focused on the needs of others. This can translate into the importance of receiving family, friends, embellishing a space, making sure to reserve a generous welcome, unifying, open, elegant, up to prestige.


Attention is focused on the image of success, investment, prestige. Here everything is possible to please yourself and others, in comfort and luxury.


Attention is focused on the emotional, the original and the aesthetic. These people will be sensitive to charm, materials, colors, a sense of beauty by seeking authenticity and originality to be different from others.


Attention is focused on how to preserve its living space, its independence in discretion and detachment. This profile will have a global, analytical and economical angle of vision of a project, in a minimalist spirit, securing its perimeter of life, with a deep masked sensitivity.


Attention is focused on what can threaten her safety, dangers and pitfalls. All subjects related to security, (literally and figuratively), confidence and responsibility may bring criteria of thermal or sound comfort, choice of materials, site security, insulation, budget security.


Attention is focused on sources of pleasure, possibilities and projects. Have fun with innovation, novelty, creativity in the design of plans and space, technological progress (connected house, etc.).


His attention is focused on strength, power and justice. His unifying charisma will lead him towards criteria of space, comfort, hospitality, with a sense of beauty and prestige.


Attention is focused on harmony, well-being and soothing atmospheres. The importance will be the positive and comfortable energy that emerges from the place, through clean or charged atmospheres, the quality of the warm style (old, art deco, contemporary ...), natural light...


So many different people, as many questions and answers as possible and endless to access the construction site of the house of your dreams, the one that looks like you, that inspires you, within the limits of your constraints and possibilities.

According to your personality profile, according to your centers of attention, according to your criteria of choice to feel comfortable in your place of life, the needs differ. Highlighting your needs is Emmanuelle's mission to support your housing project. Personalized and adapted support to bring out your dreams, achieve what perhaps you do not allow yourself, or dare not. With her experience, expertise, sensitivity and creativity, Emmanuelle will reveal your home in the image of your inner beauty!

Realize yourself by realizing your projects!

Isabelle Richard-Jacqueau
Coach et Formatrice Ennéagramme
Paris 8e