Giving character to a promoter's home

My clients had just arrived in France and acquired this well located but soulless house.

Very attached to their culture of origin, they could not recognize themselves in this impersonal atmosphere and did not know how to marry the various influences.


Although they bought furniture from a renowned retailer, they were not convinced by the proposed setting.

My work with them consisted in mixing fabrics, with lighting creations made of iron and glass, warm wooden furniture, panoramic floral wallpapers and finally exclusive creations in engraved plexi evoking the veins of a trunk. Thanks to the enthusiasm of my clients and the reactivity of the craftsmen, I was able to carry out this project while the family lived in the house, the youngest had just been born and Mr. had taken on new professional responsibilities. 

Every time I come across them, they testify to their well-being in this house. 



Realization in Pictures