...imagined and shaped with my daughter Hortense @holistudio_

Unique models or "micro-series", entirely designed, modeled and manufactured by us between Paris and my workshop in Touraine.

"BALADEUSES", that's how we call these playful lamps, and it's also the two of us, our years of wandering, our mutual affinities, a giant love and the desire to share a creative adventure.



Each model of the collection is an invitation to escape and pays tribute to a place we loved, or would like to visit. From cities to beaches, from India to Brazil or Corsica. There is something for everyone, from adventure to beautiful objects and beautiful stories.


Our Baladeuses* come in different forms. We modeled several silhouettes of lampshades or lanterns, and fully designed a practical and aesthetic clip system.

As for materials, we had a crush on lokta paper, which comes from a traditional Nepalese know-how and is created in an ethical and social approach. Its fibers are revealed by the light of the bulb and this surprising paper is at the heart of our creations.



We also work with fabrics such as silk, cotton or wax. Their use is part of an upcycling approach, which consists in revaluing materials by offering them a second life through a new use.

The lamps can also be adorned with rabanes, these weavings of Malagasy raffia with elegant shades that we enjoy for their delicate diffusion of light.

We are always looking for new ideas for our creations, and often, these ideas come from you. Because we work on measure, you can contact us, share your ideas, your desires, and we will create together the lights which resemble you!




Patères pour suspendre les baladeuses


* hand lamps