They testify

For a few years now, working with Emma has been a regular professional partnership as well as an enriching human relationship. Through her ideas, she makes us travel and allows us to flourish. Emma offers us the realization of large projects with new and unexpected materials. Without forgetting her joie de vivre and knowledge of the profession which are models for me. I very much hope that this collaboration will last.

A big thank-you.

Carole Claus, Upholsterer-decorator (partner)

We had the pleasure of working with Emma on lighting projects in several beautiful private homes where we installed groups of suspensions.

The mixture of colors and materials, blown glass and crystal gave a magnificent result.

The perfect harmony between Emma's projects and EBB & FLOW lights may be explained by the many similarities in the personalities and tastes of the two women behind the ideas.

Ebb & Flow lights (Supplier partner)

Collaborate with Emma Feat? The real happiness! Whether as a customer or buyer, relations with Emma are always fluid and sincere. I would say that she has a lot of professionalism in simplicity.

When I act as a sourcing supplier, it is always with know-how, a taste for novelty and a singular intuition that Emma selects in my shop, objects or small furniture for her customers. She has great expertise in materials and their associations, but also an unequaled projection capacity. She knows what is or will be relevant to a particular site.

As her customer, Emma makes custom lamps and lampshades for me. Achievements for which no step: choice of fabric, texture, dimensions, etc., is left to chance. Customer satisfaction is essential for her!

Byclo Edition (partner and client)

I met Emmanuelle at a trade show in Paris. She was looking for original pieces for one of her projects.

After consulting her customers, she chose one of the pieces I presented. I delivered it to Tours and thus discovered the decoration work in progress. It all went together very well and I found it superb.

I collaborated on two other projects afterwards. Though Emmanuelle knows exactly what she wants, she gives me some freedom for my creative work which i particularly appreciate as a designer.

She is attentive to my technical constraints and knows her job very well.

It’s always a real pleasure to work with Emmanuelle Feat.

Frédéric D.Driani . Galerie Artenobelia (designer/partner)

I have known Emmanuelle Feat for many years and am a client “from the start” of her pretty store in the town of Loches, in Touraine. The choice of objects she presented there, mixing the old and the contemporary, was refined and original. She helped to renew the lights in my house so that each lamp is nicely made to measure, offers a very refined choice of fabrics, papers, lacquers.

Today I continue to use her skills, she has just hung a very nice pendant lamp in the dining room. I appreciate her listening skills, her seriousness in monitoring construction sites, and her strength in proposing.

C.D (client)

I met Emma a few days before the closing of her decoration shop in Loches (37). It was in the spring of 2013, when I was preparing to return definitively in the Loire Valley, and I appreciated her speech and the neat originality of her lighting creations. We exchanged phone numbers but the months and years passed…

January 2019, at the turn of a Chédinoise demonstration, I had the surprise to meet Emma again!!!

We were in the middle of renovating a gîte in the heart of the village of Chédigny… Our schedules were busy, the construction site of our “Berceau de Carmen” (Cradle of Carmen) was dragging on…so I had the idea of contacting Emma for advice and opinion… What a beautiful inspiration, I was never disappointed!

We discovered an Emma with multiple facets, the making of lighting is only a tiny part of her many talents, starting with her incredible “gift” of quickly capturing and identifying the “spirit” we want to give to our project, our personalities, our expectations, our needs, and our limits too. Under Emma's leadership, our "Berceau" took shape in a few months. Like a conductor with an almost "military" authority, she coordinated, administered, anticipated, and insisted, because she is rather obstinate without being intrusive. Emma is simply fully committed to what she undertakes.

It was a great collaboration, professional but also and above all human, sincere, warm and lively !!! Our “Berceau de Carmen” now impatiently awaits its first visitors. We sincerely hope that they will feel the warmth, the story of friendship and the great human adventure that its renovation has brought us.

C.B and V.L (clients)

Imagination at the service of aesthetics ...

The touch of extravagance or originality, the awakening to everything possibly contributing  to beauty, whatever form it takes ... Adaptability to everything and everyone. These are a few words to summarize the talents of Emmanuelle Feat. Whether in Morocco, in the mountains or in the Parisian region, her know-how accompanies our daily life for our greatest happiness!


O.B, client

We have requested your services to assist us in managing decoration works for our main residence. Working along with a prime contractor, you have supervised several craftsmen working in the following field s: painting, tiling, carpentry, plasterer, coating specialist, fabrics etc. The work lasted approximately 8 months. Your service has saved us a considerable amount of time, and your daily presence,  pugnacity and  seriousness have enabled us to respect budgets and meet deadlines. You were able to remobilize your teams and find solutions to technical problems related to this type of site several months after their completion. As such, we can only praise your professionalism. A rare capacity for work and precious relational sense have led you to get the best from your craftsmen while respecting the constraints and wishes that we had set for you.

We will continue to recommend you and wish you a bright professional future worthy of the service you have provided us.

O.S (client)

O.S, customer

Designing the lights of a house is giving it its final touch after furniture and objects have found their ideal locations.
We entrusted Emma Feat with all the lamps in our country house to redo, reinvent or create. As appliques, hanging or table lamps, all of them had their own story.
In total, more than 25 creations/reinventions to design. 

Emmanuelle knew how to transform and reinvent them.
The house is today even more beautiful, its personality even more asserted.
Especially at nightfall when the lights illuminate the rooms with their soft and warm hues that just make you want to sit next to them. 
A big thank you
Hervé and Caroline

Caroline and Hervé

J’ai eu le privilège de suivre un cours à l’occasion de l’atelier « Confection d’abat-jour » que propose Emma et j’en suis ressorti ravi et émerveillé avec les réalisations que j’ai pu finaliser pendant ces 2 journées intenses.

Emma nous accueille dans son bel atelier rempli de ses magnifiques oeuvres aux couleurs et aux matières chatoyantes, un environnement stimulant qui pousse à la créativité. Pendant ces 2 jours, j’ai pu réaliser différents abat-jours de différentes formes et de différentes textures toujours avec ses conseils précieux et sous son regard bienveillant. Emma transmet son savoir-faire et sa passion avec générosité, sait être très pédagogue tout en respectant les envies de chacun.

Ces 2 jours d’apprentissage ont été pour moi des moments de bonheur, de stimulation créative enthousiasmante mais aussi des moments de partages amicaux et humains précieux. Ce fut une expérience inoubliable et vraiment très enrichissante!

Merci pour tout cela!